Bonnie Hunter projects

I saw a Carolina Chain quilt on someones blog, using a Bonnie Hunter pattern of the same name, but not set on point and I fell in love!   I own  Addicted to Scraps  by Bonnie Hunter, AND I love four and nine patches, so this little five inch block was just calling my name.  AND I was over the two blocks I have been making for a couple of years as part of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  So my solution...start a new block!  Sew having a lovely time making blue and green Carolina chain blocks and enjoying using 2" instead of depleted 2.5" scraps.  
I love making blocks to use up my scraps, but I had no idea what to do with the massive collection of four patch blocks now I have finished them.  I mean obviously I need to make a top, but I cannot get my head around a design I liked for the four patches.  Then I saw this pattern from Gayle at Mangofeet blog - LOL Its a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Jewel Box Stars! Cute four patches (of which I have oodles) and half square triangles.....which I hate making and don't have any pre cut scraps for.  So I just shelved it for time being...but its day to shine will come, just not today!  Which you can remind me in 2019 - that I need to start RSC year making some HST!  Perhaps if I put a reminder in my phone that might happen!
This photo below is also a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book Adventures with Leaders and Enders, and is a braid.  I am not making a quilt, but thought I needed a utility table runner for under the pot plants and wanted to try this pattern.  Well that is my excuse for starting a new project and I am sticking to it!  Honestly I am easily distracted of late when it comes to sewing and I blame being busy!  Everytime I turn around there is a new problem that needs solving at work and at home, and I dont have the brain power and energy to cope with working on an existing project....because that requires brain power and I just want to mindlessly I start something new!  
Oh, Oh!  I am already regretting it, but thankfully that is what orphan blocks and charity groups are for if it all goes pear shaped at some stage!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I loved making the Carolina Chain blocks. They were fun to put together, and I love the quilt they ended up as.

    I'm trying to finish a few things now before Bonnie announces the new mystery.

  2. Bonnie has so many fun, tempting patterns for using our accumulated bits and pieces. I understand you pain. :)

  3. Why not work on somethings that give you a chance to relax. Enjoy!


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