Pretty in Pink

In March I made all the baskets for another Jo Morton mini quilt from her book "Jo's Little Favorites" and then sewed the top up.  I was contemplating fabric options for borders, all the time acknowledging that I wasnt happy.

So I started unpicking.  I unpicked all the basket blocks (checked my cutting was accurate) and re sewed them, pressing the seams open.  It made no difference.  I unpicked again and resewed with a finer thread.  By this stage my pieces were fraying and stretched.  They looked fine as blocks but as soon as I sewed the top together too many points were missing :(

I stuck it all in a box and left it to fester in the back of my brain.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was in need of a project for a days sewing with friends.  I didnt want to take hand piecing, so I grabbed one brown, one background and a bunch of different pinks and this pattern.
To my surprise I managed to get all the blocks cut and sewn.  But I waited to put them together fearing a repeat of last time.  However the major difference was thread...I used a finer thread, pressed open my seams where possible, and the blocks turned out beautifully. 
I normally use Gutermann thread, as it does not shred, is affordable and most importantly (to me) I can buy it locally in the town I live in.  However I know that  on my Bernina I have to move my needle over one space, when using Gutermann, to ensure a accurate quarter inch seam.  But on the mini quilts this is not enough,
When I use  Aurifil 40 weight thread, I get a better accuracy and I don't have to move the needle....which is important, because as soon as I turn off my machine the needle re centres itself...and sure as eggs, the next time I sit down to sew I forget to reposition it! 
Now off to link up to Rainbow Scrappy Challenge as October is pink.  This project is not from scrap, but there are now eight basket blocks about to become scrap!
After all that I think I deserve some retail therapy to find the perfect border fabric ;)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. It is a beautiful little quilt, Sue.
    I agree that Gutermann is not helpful when assembling minis!

  2. That looks really sweet.
    How small are these blocks? There's a lot of pieces in each one.

  3. they look beautiful.......glad it all worked out.......

  4. glad it wasn't a queen size quilt! I use rasant thread for all my piecing, love it.

  5. I'm glad you found a solution you're happy with. I would have the same problem remembering to move the machine needle for specific projects. So glad I don't have to with my Pfaff and a patchwork foot! Maybe that first set of blocks can go into a baby quilt (or doll quilt) you could donate. Kids are not as picky about seam allowances or points as we tend to be. ;-)

  6. It looks gorgeous. I never realised the thread would make such a difference....

  7. Thanks for sharing your thread story. Your blocks look great

  8. What pretty PINK baskets. Sorry they gave you SEW much trouble!!


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