Little Red Churn Dash

I made this mini quilt, Little Red One by Red Button Quilt Co. (14x18") at quilt camp in August.
I had since sewed on the buttons, stitched stems and quilted and bound it.  But I didn't like the stems only.  I ran out of the green thread.  I substituted.  I added leaves.   I dont like it :(  and going to unpick the leaves.
And now would also like to quilt in the border.  I hate it when I change my mind, after I am
"done".  Yep, sometimes I drive myself crazy!  So not quite a finish...yet!

This neo natal sized quilt is a finish though.  I have not been able to stop making log cabin blocks!  There is another in my future, but just want to finish a few more UFO's before I start something big...well thats the plan!  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The little red churn dash quilt is adorable! I hope you can get it to where you are satisfied with it.
    That is a nice little log cabin quilt. Do you donate such quilts somewhere regularly?

  2. Your little red churn dash looks lovely to me, but you've got to love it. Hope you don't have to do too much unsewing.

  3. Those little churn dash blocks are so adorable!


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