Log cabin from pre cut strips out of my stash

I am ashamed to admit there are no real progress photos of this quilt!  I needed a quick fix of mindless piecing and grabbed my box of  home made (using up stash) pre cut 2.5" strips.  I had a plan (e.g. pattern) for log cabins using red and green fabric with stars at the intersection of the blocks. I didn't give a lot of thought to contrast and therefore the original plan failed.  
 So I had to move to plan B, plain Jane log cabin blocks.  Well, first good friend Lisa came around and provided the motivation to make up a plan B!  Prior to that there was great temptation to stuff them in a corner and ignore them!  So first some unpicking.  And a bit of rethinking, but not too much!
 Some blocks are "red" and others "green", but in the end the mix works really well.  Mind you that blue/green strip sticks out more then you would think!  The blocks are suppose to be 12" finished but I had to trim them back a tad, so the flimsy comes in at 59" x 71". Not bad and I used up loads of scrap!
No border required, I am done with this top!  It might be pushing my luck, but hoping for a suitable backing in my stash!
Next: I made up these little stars, rotary cut (with a freezer paper template) and machine stitched.  The next step is backing, stuffing and a button is sewed in the center, hiding all imperfections ; )
I am hoping these can serve as cute Christmas Tree decorations - the pattern is from Kim Diehl's new book "Simple Christmas Tidings".  
Happy quilting Sue.

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  1. Thank goodness for friends that give fresh eyes to our projects and help us not give up. Your log cabin quilt looks very festive, and the blue/green strip just makes it a true scrap quilt.
    Those little stars look like they will be very cute on a treetop!


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