Two not quite finished finishes!

I finished the four stars from Kim Diehl's book "Simple Christmas Tidings"..
They are slightly addictive and I have more pieces cut out in different colours.  In the meantime the kids put up our Christmas tree, honesty there is not a spare branch on in it for another ornament!

I just need to add some perle cotton for hanging them...somewhere!

I finished this mini Dresden in reproduction fabrics some time ago.  Which I love on the linen.
I even hand quilted the top!

But I am not in love with the side join.  Hence it has not been on public display.  However recently I saw a pin cushion in this design with ruched sides.  So a new ruched side for this mini pillow/giant pincushion is on my "to do" list, after Christmas, while I am on holidays.

 Not in linen mind.  I have never heard of ruched linen.  But then again I have never ruched anything - gathered yes, but ruched no, so I am happy to be told different!
So there you go, two not quite finished projects!  I am running out of things to show you, must be time for a new project.  Oh that's right I am going on holidays projects started (not finished) are guaranteed!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The stars are very cute. You say they are tree toppers? How do they attach?
    It is a pretty dresden. How large is it? (Aren't I the inquisitive one today?)
    I have never tried ruching, either. I will be curious about your experience.

  2. Delightful stars. I'm sure the kids had fun decorating the tree. I like the idea of your pincushion as a great shape to highlight the vintage looking block. It will be fun to see what you try next.

  3. Love those little stars Sue. Your dresden pincushion looks great. Just hide the side that you don't like.

  4. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!


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