Circa 2016 little blocks

Yes I started a new project and its a BOM!  I know your suppose to sew along but I am a bit slow on the uptake - better late then never!
These are not in the order I have stitched them nor the order they were posted by Temecula Quilt Company.
I have been driving myself nuts trying to keep a record of what I have made and which blocks I still need to sew.
 Further more I drive myself crazy popping back and forth between the desk top computer, which is in a different room to my sewing machine.   
 As I cut fabric, pop back to check the measurements, cut more fabric, pop back to work out which ones need stitching first.  Lay the design out on my small design board and then go back and sew them!
 And I consider this all fun!  And potentially I get a bit more exercise!
If you saw me in action, some people would consider this nothing short of crazy!
I now have a little tin full of cute 3.5" blocks.
And plenty more to make, I am going to be boring you silly with these for awhile yet : )
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I rarely have everything I need in one place either. Very cute little blocks.

  2. oh I adore those and am keeping base with the patterns... so tempting but I have so many non finished projects... in the meantime I will drool over yours...

  3. Even with all that poppln' your blocks look great. Love your fabric choices.

  4. Love your little blocks, Sue. Great color combos--good work! : )

  5. Sounds like very energetic sewing but the results are delightful.


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