Brrr its cold inside!

Poor Tiger, 
he is very cold, despite having a lovely new hot pink mattress and pillow!
So he tried out a lovely scrappy chevron doll quilt, hmm that is warmer.
But this winter has been very cold in Western Victoria and a second quilt was required to keep tiger warm on those frosty nights!
As much as Tiger liked the Ohio Star quilt, he decided it wasn't suitable to go to the snow for the weekend.
So a Tiger sized sleeping bag was whipped up.  All out of the ever dwindling collection of pink in my stash!  Luckily there was just enough of the pink spot in the scrap binding collection.
Unfortunately for Tiger, all of the new bedding was posted off to keep the teddies and dolls warm that belong to a little girl in Adelaide South Australia.  
So he had to go back to sharing a big bed with my "little" boy ;) 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. One happy tiger and one happy you when you go shopping for more pinks.

  2. Love this post, and your pink quilts!

  3. Such cute little bedding creations. : )

  4. Cute little gifts, and fun to make.

  5. Poor tiger did look cold and sad without a quilt to cover himself with. And much happier with the beautiful quilts covering him. You are going to have to make him some that he can keep.

  6. Tiger was all excited about his new bedding when it went off to someone very lucky... what a sweet post and lovely goodies you made with your pinks...

  7. What a sweet post and sweet quilts to share.


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