A snippet of wool

I have been following various bloggers who have been appliqueing Little Wooly Basket Blocks, as part of a free BOM by Dawn Heese who blogs at Linen Closet Quilts.  I had gone so far as printing off the patterns but they had been collecting dust in my sewing nook for some time now.
Block 4 - Tulips
Fast forward to panic stations prior to going to Portland for a sewing weekend.  I searched the house from top to bottom for my wool stash.  I knew it wasn't very big, but it was disappointingly small when I found it!  For some reason I thought I had lots of colours and I don't :(
Block 8 - Chives
So while we were visiting  Periwinkle Patchwork in Warrnambool I brought some more wool so I could start my blocks.  And more importantly I brought some gorgeous linen to stitch them onto. And then I didn't touch anything for a few weeks!  However as the weather declines into chilly and wet, I have been busy tracing patterns, choosing colours and stitching in front of the TV.
Block 7 - Cone flowers
Block 2
So now I have three blocks made and another three traced out.  This block is being held up by my lack of satisfaction with the colour and size of the leaves - I will either make the leaves larger or a different colour, so they stand out more.
I might go shopping for more wool!  A girl needs a decent sized wool stash...well this wet windy winter I do at least!
Hope your surviving the start of the snow season in front of a heating source of some sort and with some form of stitching, 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Isn't the wool appliqué so addictive Sue??!! I have just come across a gorgeous designer and have fallen in love with her work too.......just google Rebekah L Smith Folkartist......her work is stunning! Hugs from across the border x

  2. Every girl does need a decent wool stash. This week I worked on my wool baskets as well. I got them all cut out but haven't stitched any. Keep having fun with some shopping sprinkled in!

  3. I have enough stash now, that I don't get into much, so not getting into any wool. But your blocks look great.

  4. Love wool applique, looking good !


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