Framed Nine Patch Dolls Quilt

One of the tasks I have been busy with is making a sign to go on an A frame board, for my groups exhibition in early May.  I have made two of these "quilts" which was a great way to use up excess yellow homespun (from Hawthorn footy quilt) and more scrap wadding!  This just needs binding...I have done a lot of binding lately!
The framed nine patch dolls quilt (pattern from Quiltmania) has been finished....again I finished this a few weeks back but forgot to show you!  
I quilted it and quilted it and quilted some more!  It is 16.25" square and I attempted my first feather border.  They are very lame looking feathers, but practise makes perfect!  I would like to make this quilt again...but perhaps in less vibrant colours!


  1. Clever signs for the quilt show.
    The only way I found to improve on my feathers was to keep at them. Good for you!
    It is a cute piece. I like the vibrant colors! : )

  2. Two lovely finished creations. Well done ! I think your feather border looks lovely.

  3. I love your mini quilt Sue.... well done with the quilting....


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