Easter surprises

Surprise No. 1
DS1 wanted to do some sewing....DH is inspecting his work.

Surprise No. 2 
Good Friday afternoon I managed to finish five Rosalie Quinlan bunnies...I was aiming for three, but the boys both wanted to make one and I couldn't say no!  I had to sew their faces, and put them together, but the kids did the stuffing, machine sewing and pattern tracing.

Surprise No. 3
Lovely gifts from my friend Lisa...a cute bunny pin cushion (put to immediate use as I was sewing bunnies!), a sweet 2.5" charm square pack and some yummy chocolate!

Happy Easter, Sue


  1. lovely bunnies and surprises for you....

  2. All very good surprises. I have some lovely treasures that my boys made when they were younger.

  3. Great surprises for Easter! Very cute bunnies!

  4. You had some great surprises for Easter. I love the fact that the kids wanted to sew the bunnies and Of course, you got some good chocolate too.

  5. What a lovely Easter! My son has no interest in sewing except to hand over clothes that need repair. I bought the boys chocolate but received nothing from them. So not surprised. We spent our long weekend in Dubbo but not at the zoo. The night we arrived a certain boy spent the night being sick. He has yet to get his appetite back which is quite strange seeing how much he normally eats. In a strange way it was still very relaxing. We had a lovely patio outside to sit and read and watch the world go by. It certainly wasn't what we planned but not a disaster.


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