Sewing = love

For St Valentines Day DH didn't buy me anything, but gifted me with a day of uninterrupted sewing at home,  bless him ; )  So I made lots of progress on my farmyard pinwheel blocks into a top.
To be fair to him he offered to take me out for dinner and a movie and my mother agreed to babysit.  But it was stinking hot and honesty I didn't fancy being jammed into a crowded movie theatre especially as nothing took my fancy.  So we had takeaway for dinner, so no dishes or cooking....bliss!  And that extra time after dinner was spent piecing rail fence borders and sewing them on my quilt top.  I am amazed at how the white homespun works with this busy quilt.  And it was cheap! And I used up most of the jelly roll, so very little left overs....and no panic because I ran out of fabric!!
My DH also went to rescue my original sewing desk which has been living on a veranda for the last ten years - it was too big to take with us when we moved and I guess I had forgotten about it....opss!  It doesn't offer the storage solution I need right now, but I am certainly considering getting Dad to cut a big hole in the top so I can drop my sewing machine in it - perfect for quilting!  It might need sanding and re varnishing first...lucky we have a big shed, might be awhile before I get to that!
Here is the progress on my cottage garden table runner (Kim Diehl pattern), minus a few leaves and berries.  I am happy with it...except I have stitched most of it at much for leaving the hand work for Tuesday group!  Perhaps I can hand quilt it....yeah right!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. lovely sewing Sue, I would love to bring down the sewing machine but dont have the right kind of table at the moment... so it's seat up for now.... your blocks look great.. that white is perfect for bringing it all together...

  2. A very fun, colorful pinwheel quilt.
    I love Kim Diehl designs. Your runner is looking great. : )

  3. Now that was a near perfect Valentine's Day gift! I am sure many people would not agree though. The farmyard pinwheels are beautifully set with the white sashings and a piano key border too! Very nice. Your applique looks lovely on your pieced neutral background. It wouldn't take that long to hand quilt...

  4. Your hubby is definitely a sweetie, sounds like you had a lovely day.

  5. love your farmyard quilt, is it from a pattern.


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