Cottage Garden Table Runner

I have made significant progress on my Cottage Garden table runner....all the applique done...
followed by FMQ, echo quilted.
While I wasn't thrilled with the quality of all my quilting stitches, I am not so upset that I am going to unpick it all....well I did unpick a little bit ; )
But more unpicking might be necessary if I cannot find a few more inches of this binding I have sufficient to join the ends! 
I finally did something with a lovely stack of fat quarters my friend Karen sent me many years ago.  There were lots of coordinating prints and one panel - but there were only eight of these blocks on the panel.  
However I figured out a way to use all 8 blocks and make a lovely cot sized quilt top!  All in an afternoons work...well an afternoon and a bit ;) 
Happy quilting, Sue
PS its going to be 37C here today, so I will be completing some more sewing projects under the air conditioner!


  1. How frustrating with the binding, hope you can find what you need. Your quilting looks great, as will the finished runner. Have fun sewing in the aircon today......not so bad here thank goodness.

  2. Your echoing sure made the Applique pop. Looks great. Oh, no. I hope you found a smidge more of the binding. Stay cool. Your fit quilt is so bright and fun! Perfect design.

  3. The runner looks great all quilted up, Sue! I was just noticing it in one of Kim's books this morning - I knew I'd seen it in blogland recently but couldn't quite remember where :-) I wonder if rounding the corners of your runner would make a difference to the binding dilemma? The cot quilt is extra cute! Hope you're having fun under the air conditioner!

  4. Yep I am going to say the same as Raewyn, maybe to round your corners and without the folding of the binding at the corners you might just have enough. Good luck and well done again.

  5. love both of those projects.. the quilting on your runner is great.... I do hope you find a bit for the binding.. that's an AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH moment.... cute little quilt...I used that range for a quilt too a few years ago... such fun...

  6. It was hot here today as well. I have been so productive this weekend (sewing wise) but alas the weekend is now over so all momentum will be lost. Love what you did with the fabrics I sent! The table runner turned our lovely. Why don't you go with a peep of contrasting fabric in the binding? I have seen other quilters do that.


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