Queens Birthday - long weekend...long post

I finally finished the binding on the Cape Ann cot quilt.  The whole process was dragged out unnecessarily, but there are quite a few distractions at present.  This quilt is for a baby yet to be born...also gender unknown, hence my decision to make a few new cot quilts of late.
  I used the left over charm square and cut pieces to make this cute dolls quilt.  I gave it to my mother, as she is part of a team of ladies making items to sell at a market in spring, all proceeds will go to their local palliative care unit. I have donated a few other items to her, but racking my brain for other quick and easy items that will sell.  Mum has made some very cute teddy sleeping bags after seeing mine, sorry no picture!
Mum did make this cute lap quilt though.  Well I am not sure if they were orphan blocks or a WIP, but they came from the stash of a fellow quilter, Lyn who passed away.    Lynn's husband donated her stash to the quilt group and they have been putting it to good use making quilts and the plan is to sell them, a lovely appropriate idea and I am sure a cathartic process for Lynn's friends.  
This is a close up for the awesome free motion quilting my mother does!
We had a lovely long weekend, visiting my parents in country Victoria.  From there we took a day trip to Casterton to see the Kelpie Dog Show.  The kids had a great time and so did we, watch the well trained dogs. 
 I didn't take many photos, and I missed the dog!  The dogs were herding the ducks through four narrow openings (the white thing next to the man's legs), and were very skilled at it.  Most dogs I know would have just tried to eat the ducks!  I don't think I have seen black Indian runner ducks before, they were very cute!
We also enjoyed some time at the family farm, the boys in particular were taken with the "new toy" my brothers had purchased.  You can just see a hint of the blue Grampians on the horizon.  It was very cold overnight in western Victoria and made me appreciate the mild winters we have on the Adelaide plains!
On the way home when I got the opportunity to stop at the patchwork shop at Culburra, I brought this panel, somewhat influenced by the previous photo and the need to have another boy cot quilt!

And I also came home with these fabrics.  The bright blue will be great for making more I Spy quilts.  The coffee print is for a coffee cosy...its not on my list "to do", but should be! 
Sandy, the lovely lady who owns the quilt shop (Old Culburra Store) also has an orange tree and gave me a huge box of oranges and was most disappointed she couldn't make my husband a cup of coffee and show the kids the model train set that is inside the shop!  It was a good thing a) we had stopped for a coffee the hour previously and b) I didn't know about the train set, or more time and money would have been spent!  But now I do know I will be stopping on the Dukes Highway at the Old Culburra Store again!
Lastly these are the bright fat quarters I brought the week prior from the Fat quarter lady, who visited our quilting group....they were complete bargains and perfect for more cheerful kids quilts...well that is my excuse!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS apologies for lack of commenting and posting, I think DH has sorted my recent IT problems, hopefully that is the last of them!


  1. we went to that dog show one year... was great fun .... lots of lovely quilts... you and your mum are both skilled and keeping busy...

  2. You packed a lot into the weekend....and sewing too. You are the queen of cot quilts!

  3. Superb border quilting Sue. It seems to me you’ve been rather busy with a lot of finishes lately!

    My grandmother and her family come from Casterton. Pretty place.

    Is the Fat Quarter lady named Lynn by any chance?

  4. Watching dogs in action like that is great. They are so smart. I hope your Mum goes well with the stall. What about zippered pouches (great for lunch money) or drawstring pouches (The Purl Bee has a great and easy pattern). So pleased that your Mum and her friends are getting to farewell their friend in a way they know best and one I am sure their friend would love. I have been stash enhancing this weekend too. When you see a good fabric its a crime not to pick it up and take it home with you.

  5. Looks like you packed a lot into the long weekend, as we do! Tried to comment once, but blogger was not being nice, so trying again.


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