Zig Zag and Spray basting

 I finally got the Zig Zag quilt bound this week, still no label, but that will happen.  I am immensely pleased with this quilt!  THANK YOU LISA! Not only for the pattern but also the fabric.  I am definitely making another one, just debating colours.
Spring has finally sprung in Adelaide and glorious weather this weekend prompted me to run with the idea that came from Leanne.  Leanne said that she spray bastes all her quilts, and while I have done this in the past for little quilts, I hadn't done it on anything large.  Trying to heft the bigger quilts through my domestic machine, all with the added weight of pins, made me think "Why not spray baste!".
So I cut a few strips, added them tot the side of this Maisy panel and then spray basted it!  Too easy! 
So then I dug out the Spool quilt and spray basted that as well!
 So then with two basted quilts I started quilting AND FINISHED BOTH!  Spray basting ROCKS!
This is the groovy binding I made for the Maisy cot quilt, I am definitely going back to buy more of this gorgeous fabric, perfect from all and any kids quilts in my future.
So now I have two more quilts to bind, but I am sitting in the sun, eating ice cream in a cone and reading a book...it is the first day of spring after all! 
Happy Fathers Day to all your Dads, young and old, past and present.
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Love your binding, and the zigzag quilt is so striking.

  2. I just love your ZigZag quilt. If I am not LA quilting, I usually spray baste too. It is sooo much easier than pinning and much easier too when you're quilting and don't have to keep stopping to either move pins or take them out.

  3. such a gorgeous zig zag quilt... the colours are just great... well done with the others too....


  4. Well done you, I am glad my love of spray basting has worked for you. Very cute zig zag quilt.

  5. Great sewing...the zigzag quilt is fabulous!

  6. Love your zig zag quilt. And you have finished TWO more! Great work. That colourful stripe will make wonderful binding for kids quilts. Happy binding.


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