Nature nurtures

This is one of the views of the Grampians from my families farm. Please ignore the canola, my brother claims it is his worst crop...he wont be pleased I put it on display! ; )
There is something comfortable and familiar to see the bright yellow paddocks as you travel down the highway.  There were no oilseed crops on our farm or in the district that I remember from my childhood.  But now they are a common sight.
 My brother tells me that they only had 2 inches of rain for the first five months of the year and then in the last three months they had nine inches.  Sometimes I think you need to be a gambler to be a farmer.  Fingers crossed for a cool spring so they sail into a good harvest.  Pray for rain in Queensland and parts of NSW who are drought declared.
 I have a small point and shoot digital camera.  These small birds were very "chatty" and quick.
They loved the rotary clothes line and were hopping around madly, all the while "talking", while I tried to stalk them for a good shot.
 When I asked my father he thought they would be Spotted Pardalotes, I checked on the web (where would we be without Google?) and think they are Striated Pardalotes but my photos are not really clear or close enough to tell, unless the Pardalotes just all hang together! 
This metal Blue Wren is a new addition to our garden that I brought it at the Royal Adelaide Show from Hassles Garden Works.  This is a link to the Facebook page which highlights some of the items for sale and then there is a  Manning Sculptures website, as it seems the whole family is very creative!  The website has photos of public sculptures they have made which are amazing and I especially love the kelpie!
Have a great week, happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. love the yellow colour and grampians....

  2. Totally agree with you that farming is a gamble. But where would we be without families on the land growing produce to keep the rest of us (and the economy) going!

    Farmers have really had to diversify crop planting in the last 20 years. I have a friend who planted fields of garlic 15 years ago, after years of planting grain. Citrus farmers are almost non existent in the Riverland now.

  3. The canola crops were impressive all the way to Ballarat. I agree the QLD/NSW farmers are doing it hard. We drove to Moonta yesterday in rain all the way.

  4. thanks for the photos, I have been up the highway twice in the last week, and did not get a photo of the yellow. Did see a rainbow tonight when coming home, not sure how good the photo is yet.
    Have had good rains here this season.


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