Pink and Green Zig Zag

I finished the Spools Quilt (lap size) before I started a new project...I promise!  The way I see it is there are three things you can do when your stressed/angry/upset....a) eat b) housework c) sew or d) shop.  And because I ate last week (chocolate that is) and I cleaned the house on Monday, I decided to SEW!
Now I tried several times to take a good picture of this Pink n Green zig zag cot quilt but it was too dark inside and too sunny outside.  This is the only half decent shot I got, after I spray basted it.  This is intended for a friend who is expecting her first baby in the summer.  Please note I brought a solid and then I used it!! Mint green might never been on my shopping list previously, but right now I am loving it and craving spearmint leaf lollies! 
And it would be too weird to not go shopping right, retail therapy is a girls best friend after all!  So I grabbed a friend and went to the SA Quilters Guild market day.   There were lots of quilty bargains to be had, but we arrived in the latter part of the day, so I only took home two bargains - this sewing themed hanger - for my sewing room obviously. 
And to help organise me, a sewing caddy for next to my armchair in the lounge room.  I am hoping to be able to hid all sharp implements in the draw and keep a selection of thread on the spools, to save me walking the 5 metres to my sewing room!
Sew now I am off to the sewing room to commence quilting - either the new cot quilt OR the modern quilt that I also spray basted today...a girl has to fill in election/footy night somehow and this seemed like a cheap and non fattening option.  A wise woman once said, "the worst thing about voting is you always end up with a politician"!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Nice shopping! The minty fresh quilt is lovely...I love spearmint leaves too!

  2. The spool quilt is adorably cute.

    LOVE that zig zag...seriously beautiful. That mint green just pops against the berries. Great fabric call !

    I was seriously peeved about voting yesterday – in my opinion our choices were limited to dumb and dumber.

  3. love the spools and zig zag quilts.... you are getting lots done ... and it is essential to have things close to you... such a nuisance to get out of the chair when sewing!!

  4. The spools quilt looks wonderful! I bet you are very happy about that finish. I, of course, just adore that mint green solid. Its a perfect fit for a cot quilt.

  5. Spools looks great and the new quilt looks just wonderful. I absolutely love the combination of colours you've chosen.


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