Pedal to the metal

I had the urge to finish something last weekend.  So I quilted and bound this mini quilt.  Sorry about the picture, but taken inside, so you cannot see my quilting, which I am actually very proud of, because I deviated from straight lines OR stitch in the ditch! 
This week I had very limited Internet access as we had used up our allowance.  So the finishes are growing more quickly then previously anticipated.  It just goes to show how much time I waste!
 Hmmm this is the only photo I have of the FINISHED Rainbow QAYG string quilt.  Blame the rain and two boys who delighted in rolling around on the finished top and were very cute "pretending" to be asleep...which lasted 3 minutes!  Actually it needs a label and so does the mini quilt, so technically neither are a finish....yeah right!
During the week after I wore a hole in my finger stitching down bindings, I switched over and worked on my Yellow Sister...I think this will be my last!  Last night I started making triangles to fill in those they are complete hexagons and I can decide on a layout.  Well that's the theory.
 Saturday I stayed home and worked on my Dresden Plate quilt top.  I made all the pink centres, machine appliqued them down and then joined the blocks together.  It took a whole morning.  I am kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner!
The weight of the pieced plates has made for a heavy top.  I found it tricky to sew straight when putting the pink border on.  This purple fabric is what I originally brought for the final border...but that was before I brought the pink.  I don't know, what do you think, does it work?  I was aiming for a purple quilt (the intended recipient likes purple), but hot pink is dominating so far. I only have a metre of the purple, so need to purchase more if I stick with the original plan.
 Then I started working on the Blue Twister (using Indigo Crossing by Moda) quilt, which I really really want to finish. I found the extra fabric I needed during the week, so I made the final border Saturday afternoon.  About 2/3 of the way through cutting the little twisters out, I cut too hoo!  Luckily I had a 2" scrap and I was able to piece that into the border and it worked.  Phew.  However I am completely out of the the background fabric now!  Oh well that's not a disaster...unless the shop is all sold out...and they are located on the other side of Adelaide, but fingers crossed!  In the mean time I cut a blue skinny border, to see how that looks...I think this layout works....just so long as the background fabric is available!  This might be the last time I make a quilt without a pattern!
And finally I finished the day by piecing the long rows of this quilt.  Just realised it looks awful on the bottom row, but it is straight I promise!  I had run out of the blue/grey leaf print in the bottom row, but as good luck had it I had some in my stash.  The fabric for this quilt was gifted to me by Lisa, and I started it while we were away on our quilting weekend in May.  I am pleased to finish it, but bit scared to trim the edges, especially the top edge, don't want to loose that zig or zag!
Phew, you exhausted?  Yep me too.  Knocked off this afternoon so DH and I could take the kids to the train park, it rained a bit, but we had some family fun, so hopefully that makes up for my ignoring them somewhat during the week!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. OMG I'm exhausted just getting to the end. You have been very productive I am impressed.

  2. Oh goodness, you have loads of amazing projects you have been working on.... beautiful....

  3. Ok so basically all I have to do is knock out my own internet and I can become a quilting queen too?

    You have done an amazing amount of work in a week. I LOVE that Dresden quilt . Its adorable!

  4. Oh you have been busy and have some great quilts to show for it.

    For the Dresden plate quilt, I reckon the border fabric you have works well as it has pink and turquoise in it.

    As for your Indigo Crossing Twister quilt, I just LOVE it.

  5. YOu have been busy, and yes, I agree, take away the internet and their would be many more hours in the day!! But then we would not know what everyone else is doing, or make sew many new friends!!


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