Sisters in Teal

After buying myself a new USA quilting magazine, a new cutting mat (Heather made me do it!), two teal fat quarters and this delicious hot pink for the centres and first border of my Dresden Plate quilt I figured that I had brought myself enough pressies before Mothers Day and needed to stop! 
Then during the week TWO sweet parcels arrived in the mail on the SAME day.  
  Sue from Quilted Hugs  (thank you, thank you, thank you!) sent me this pressie- a lovely purse the right size for holding all those extra cards that don't fit in your wallet eg in my case three library cards (our library issues the kids their own), discount cards at the coffee shop/s I frequent and discount cards for the hardware store, chemist and fabric shops!  Turns out we live quite close to each other in Adelaide, we are both called Sue and are quilters...hmmm the other connection, she sent me a teal purse, after I had just brought teal fabric AND then.....
My mother sent me the cutest card and pressie of a "muffin pack" (I swear that is what it is called, please no cruel references to muffin top pants!) in TEAL! 
So it turns out that we all have ESP or it was a teal kinda week!
On the sewing front I finished the purple sister about ten days ago and just in the process of sewing the fire engine red sister together this week.  So I had told my mother that I was contemplating another sister in teal.  This is what the six completed sisters look like together so far.... 
There is a chocolate brown sister also partially completed, which for the life of me I cannot see fitting in...but perhaps if I made a light brown sister that would remedy the issue? 
HELP I think I have an addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANY suggestions on layout, extra colours or links to images of other sister designs would be gratefully accepted. :)
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Love the Dresden, the seven sisters blocks look great.

  2. lovely to have all those fabrics to play with... your stars looks sensational too...

  3. Lovely pressies (both self gifted and the others too!)

    Seven Sisters looks amazing...and if I had the patience for PP I’d be racing off to start one of my own. Alas many other things are calling my name....

  4. Lucky you! You sure must have been sending out 'teal' vibes! That is freaky isn't it? Maybe you could put a small sashing between your sisters. I used to fight with mine a lot so you might not want them to be too close together.

  5. ALL your work looks great and i love the sisters. Am in town, all ready for you across the road, fire set, will be lit in the morning,key there soon after 3 for you. Enjoy, and catch ya Sat. Was going to email, but did a blog comment instead.


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