I'm off to Funkytown....

My bags are packed (well nearly), the sewing room and kitchen sink are ready to be squeezed into the back of my car and then I am off to "funky town" aka Bordertown...HERE.  I am joining my mother and two friends from Victoria  for a quilters weekend, starting tonight and I cannot wait!

My red sister is finished and packed.
As is the Blue and White Nine Patch top...still without its corner triangles....sorry but I wont be shopping for fabric on the Internet to find more of the background print, because we had MORE dodgy activity on the credit card, so it got CUT UP and put in the bin. :(
So lets hope there is enough cash in my stash to buy a fat quarter on my travels! 

Have a great quilting weekend folks and hopefully I will have some progress photos to share next week, that's all folks!  Sue SA.


  1. have a fantastic time... I just love your blue and white top... what a shame about the dodgy credit card stuff...

  2. Won't you take me to...funky town! (Used to love pseudo echo!)
    Have a fantastic time and hope you get lots done!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend quilting and catching up with family.

    Im sorry to hear about your credit card. Thats incredibly unlucky!


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