What do you mean its February?

Jeez Louise where did January go?  Back tracking a few days (that I lost somewhere) this is what I have been up to...
Adding an extra row to the Blue Boy's I Spy quilt.
cutting up more 1.5" strips ready to be made into spool leaders and enders blocks,
Adding a border to the Blue Cowboy quilt top. 
Unpicking leaders and enders blocks, because I was obviously not paying attention?
Then attended the Heart Kids sewing session with my mother yesterday.  I was a team leader and our mission was to use novelty 8.5" blocks to make some quilt tops up.
 Sandy and Denise were on my team and they knew each other.  Together they made the cute cowboy quilt blocks with log cabin sashing.  Rose Marie then added the red sashing and borders.
 Then team Sandy/Denise worked on this wonky log cabin version.  It still needs a external border, but was looking nice and colourful. 
Lyn worked hard all day to get this cute Maisey quilt top made.  Sorry you cannot see the right hand border, but it is attached!
Mum worked on a sweet baby's cot quilt (oops sorry no picture), made out of a donated charm pack and got all but the final two borders on, before she started quilting a top.  Lyn took over the piecing of the baby quilt, but her bobbin ran out as we were packing up, so she took it home to finish.  I spent the day, cutting, measuring, finding fabrics, ironing, unpicking and generally encouraging my great team - thanks ladies you all did a great job!  I brought home two tops to quilt (one is my own Blue Boys I Spy - which another band of volunteers pinned) and two partially completed quilt tops that the team started.
I think that's enough to keep me out of trouble for the month of February!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. well done, sounds like a successful, productive day was had by all!

  2. I’m wondering where January went too!

    The blue cowboy quilt is wonderful. I was looking for cowboy fabric a while back and there is some really cute stuff out there !

    Lovely stuff there from your Heart Kids Sewing day.

    Yep February is going to be busy for you!

  3. yes, a bit of a shock that it is February already.... lovely sewing... lots happening...

  4. Sue, you and your elves are doing an awesome job. Truely wonderful. Your quilts will be loved for sure.

  5. These are all very lovely quilts. I think Feb will be busier than Jan.

  6. A wonderful productive day. I have a women who comes to my Monday night class who's daughter recieved a hearts kid quilt when she went to Melbourne for surgery last year. A wonderful cause.


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