I am linking up to Lori's blog Humble Quilts to share my version of her reproduction project, Abundance.  I was going to be slack and not quilt it, but thought better of it after seeing everyone else's completed quilts.  And I am glad I made the effort as it took such a short time to quilt, bind and label.  I also made good use of the other ladies hints, including an easy version of rod pockets, made from 3" squares folded on the diagonal, and stitched into the two top corners on the back.
 Now I just need to decide if I am going to hang it on the wall or let it live with the teddies in my vintage pram?
 I don't like making half square triangles, so I made flying geese instead using flippy squares.  Not sure which bit of my brain was working when I decided that those tiny left over triangles were worth keeping?!  I stitched them together to make a little block to sit on my vintage machine.
 Bet you didn't know I had a vintage machine did you?!  Well to be honest it has been hidden away in its lovely wooden case for three years, to save little fingers.  The boys still have to have a turn of the wheel when they go scooting past, but there is no needle, so I figure it cannot hurt.  I haven't investigated the age of this machine nor how to use it....I will get to that one day soon, now that it is finally out on display and I can enjoy looking at it. ;)  I will have to mind my P's and Q's...the dealer that sold it to my mother (she brought it as a gift for me - did I mention I am a spoilt only daughter!) told her that it was owned by two NZ sisters who were nuns....who knows if it sewed habits or hobbies, but it has seen its fair share of work.
 Finally I indulged in some retail therapy this week...someone has to prop up the economy!  And because I got some bargains elsewhere (end of summer sales) I indulged in non sale fabric, to make some more Seven Sister Stars.  I wanted more blues and some brighter colours. 
It was only after I got them home that I realised I had brought the same prints in different colours..twice! LOL I am sure if I go look at my small (but growing) repro stash I will find some more of these prints...oh well, it is likely that I am also going to be tempted into another free project going on over HERE and will use them somewhere!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Your mini quilt is lovely, I am glad you finished it and it looks adorable with the teddies. Love your repros, I'm sure they will look great with the sisters. You'll be pleased to hear I am starting a tripalong quilt tomorrow, just deciding on fabric and cutting out today.

  2. Love your sweet abundance and really, those little ones don't take much time to quilt. I'm so glad you forged ahead with it.
    Love your new purchases!!

  3. I love your version of Abundance. Great fabric combinations.

    A very pretty sewing machine! I hoe you get to use it soon.

  4. Sue, i LOVE your darling 'abundance' quilt, as do your sweet little teddies.. sso cute!! How adorable is that block made from your leftovers, looks perfect on your dear old Singer.. which btw looks just like my antique fiddleback :)))

  5. Your mini quilt is great, I love the colours, and your mini-er block looks so cute on the sewing machine.

  6. Great job on your Abundance quilt - your hand quilting looks lovely! And your retail therapy looks like it was very successful - I love all those fabrics and colors you came home with. I had a similar old Singer years ago, but had no place to display it so I sold it to a local quilt store and I enjoy seeing it there every time I go for a visit.

  7. Your little abundance quilt is wonderful there with the teddies. So sweet. Love what you did with your leftover scraps. I tend to save those, too. And I can't tell you how many times I've bought a FQ and found that I already had the same fabric at home. I guess that just means we really like the fabric! What a beautiful vintage machine. I can see little ones wanting to turn that wheel. Maybe some day they will want to stitch!

  8. Cute little quilt. Your old sewing machine is lovely .......... they wouldn't be boys if they didn't have a play every now and again.

  9. Your mini is lovely. Kudos to you for sewing such small bits together so beautifully. I think the teddies will need that come winter. It looks made for them.
    Your machine is beautiful ! Is that mother of pearl inlay ?

  10. Your reproduction mini looks totally antique. You might have a fight from the teddies if you try and take it off them!
    I love your vintage sewing machine? Is it electric? I recently got my nan's old Singer. Its a treadle. I need lots of time to work it out. I should do a blog post one day.
    Your stash enhancing looks perfect for you. What to do with it...

  11. The teddies look so comfy with your sweet Abundance quilt.
    I am still in the quilting phase with mine, so you beat me by a long shot.
    You made a good haul with those fabrics. Hey, if I like a print I often want it in more than one colorway. You must like it that way, too--you just didn't know it. : )
    I really like your little block on your vintage machine.

  12. Your Abundance quilt is lovely, but what I really LOVE is that antique Singer machine! That is top-notch, my guess is that it dates to pre-1900, perhaps as early as the mid 1880s? It is in really beautiful condition, the decals and mother-of-pearl all look really wonderful! You are a very lucky gal!


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