Two finished Heart Kid quilts

 These are the two quilts I finished this week, the one on the right is a panel, so I only had to quilt and bind it.  I donated these quilts today when we went back for the final Heart Kids quilting session.
I used the flannel backing left overs from the panel quilt,  to make a binding and machine stitched it on....both sides!  I never totally machine stitch bindings, but Heather told me that they are more durable, so I thought it was appropriate.  My free motion quilting needs some work, but it got the job done. I though big stipple would be easier, but it wasnt!
I am really pleased with the Blue Eye Spy quilt now it is finished.  All the fabric came from my stash, except the backing and wadding - so love the fantastic volunteers that pinned it for me two weeks ago at the last Heart Kids quilting bee.  I decided that stitch in the ditch was boring, so I quilted grids through the blocks, just eyeballing it.  Hmmm it is a bit wonky in places, but I still like the effect.  Next time I am going to trial the curved zig zag stitch on my machine, as some of the other ladies used that and it looked awesome.  I used variegated blue/yellow thread and thought it turned out well, much more fun then just blue!
  Today we had lots of ladies who bravely sweated it out in the back shed at Tricia's Discount Fabrics and many took home tops and sandwiched quilts to finish at home.  I purchased some cute red fabric to finish my other quilt (red cowboy) and one of my After Dark fellow quilters - Therese, put the borders on it for me today.  I had a full house of six ladies piecing and they all finished a top - or just needed to add borders to finish.  We pulled up stumps at 2pm due to the extreme heat, so I was very proud of their achievements given they had less time.  We also put together a seventh quilt top that had been part finished from the previous sessions, so a total of eight tops finished = well done to my 8" square team! 
Happy quilting Sue SA
PS apologies for no photos of today's achievements, I forgot lots of things this morning (apart from the camera) cos I was out trying to take quilt photos in between packing and filling buckets of water - they turned our water off at home from 9am....not quite the day to be without running water, but lucky me it was back on by the time I got home.  Now I am off to lug the unused buckets around and water the garden.  Hope its cooler where you are!


  1. I like your new look here on the blog! I had a look at your WIP list - 140 of 400 spool blocks made! Wow you are going so well with them. I think I've done about 60? I'll have to count them and let you know. Great job on the kid's quilts, I admire your charitable efforts, you always seem to be throwing yourself into something.

  2. You are a wonder with your quilts. You get so much accomplished (compared to me anyway). When you mentioned about quilting and I had an epiphany. A couple years ago I tried this 'organic quilting' with no lines. It was very easy i.e. very little prep. I have two links for you (if you are interested):
    1. The quilt I did using this technique -
    2. The post I used for inspiration -

    We have had very plesent weather this week which I know can't possibly last but am sure enjoying it while its around. Hope you ahve a good weekend.

  3. Well done on the quilts. It has even been hot down here. Very cute swans LOL.

  4. Sounds like you had a productive day. It was way too hot to be in a shed Saturday so kudos to you all.

    Both your quilts look terrific. I think your large meandering looks great!


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