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Working my way down the UFO list

 The Welcome Friends wall hanging is quilted, bound and labeled ready to be delivered to some friends with three little girls, who we will see next weekend.
 Then I finished this white button necklace, that I found nearly done in a cupboard.  That matches the
 brown one - that includes buttons from my grandfathers army uniform, which came from my grandmothers button collection.  And the black one, which I don't wear as often as the ...
 red and white one, which is what started me on button necklaces! 
 And here is a sneak peak at the wedding star quilt , as I am quilting it.  I decided I would do a few rows on Saturday and before I knew it I had done all the rows - stitching in a ditch around the blocks.  Today I did some of the stars which was a lot harder. 
Can you see the red star on the blue background?  Well that's Contact, cut out to use as my quilting template.  I did mark the quilt before I pinned it.  Which is a bit of a first for me, normally I get excited, pin the quil…

Nearly there... drat!

I achieved more then I expected to today.  But at 10 past 2pm on a Sunday of a long weekend, while stippling I ran out of thread in that shade of cream ...just millimetres from the "end"!  I resorted to stippling the border (which was in mono filament because that purple was way to hard to match) and making the binding.  Even if its not finished I think it came up better then I expected - stippling worked today, some days I cannot stipple and other days it just works! Happy quilting Sue.

Its been a slow week

Its been a slow week.  I thought I would piece the back of the Snowball charity quilt with all the left over pieces.  This was more of a challenge then I anticipated and has been very boring, so I was glad when I finally got it finished.  I also made the binding, so its all ready to go.
I found this wall hanging in the cupboard, when I was digging out the snowball fabrics.  I started this project three years ago when I was pregnant.  So you would think that that makes it a reasonably "new" UFO for me.  But in reality I brought (and lost) this pattern many years ago, before I was married or had met DH.  This is by the Chook Shed Pattern Company and came in a pack with two other patterns, one that I made,  with the view of making "Welcome Friends" when I had my first child/girl.  In the mean time I loaned the pattern to someone and it was never returned. Years later I was delighted when I found the pattern published in `Naive & Country Quilts' magazine (vol 1.…