Luck of the Irish progress

 These were the rows that I had previously pieced, when I originally started working on my Luck of the Irish quilt.  But as you can see it doesn't look right?

But once I turned the page in the book and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS I realised where the mistakes were and unpicked them.  I started piecing the units into 9 x 9 blocks and little by little it grew into this;
So you can see the pattern properly now.  I just have to work out the right size, because following the original pattern it was too narrow for a double bed, let alone a queen size bed.  I just have to be mindful that I only have a small amount of the background cream fabric left.  I think I will make enough blocks to make it wider by one (instead of two as pictured here) and see how that looks. 

I had an idea for a cream border (different cream to the one in short supply) followed by a pieced border and then a plain border - possibly a green floral, not the one displayed, would like something with more colour in it,  what do you think?

    DS2 first big bed was delivered during the week and set up by DH yesterday.  The excitement of his first night in a bed went by the way side as he fell asleep in my arms after tea.  I have been eager for the big bed to arrive, because my sewing cupboard was storing the new mattress protector and doona, all which was taking up valuable space!  AND then I realised the other advantage, once I had made up the bed. 

A lovely new home for all the 2.5" strips and squares I had cut from my stash! There is plenty of room left, so the job of cutting up more unloved and partially used fat quarters is now on my To Do List.  I have had a project in mind for some time, but this quilt by Meredith English, published in the latest Homespun has caught my fancy.  I might need a mantra .... stay focused, avoid distractions, avoid new projects!

Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. What a tricky pattern. It will look great when it is finished!

  2. The different cream in the border looks fine. I think you will need to audition the border fabric before deciding.
    Congratulastion to DS2 on moving to a big bed. Good luck with the focussing & avoiding a new project!

  3. Your quilt is looking good I often start something and then have to do something creative because I want to make it bigger and only have a certain amount of fabbric. Great storage idea.


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