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Spring weather in August

Its a beautiful day and I want to spend it in the garden. My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it and the rest of the house needs cleaning, but I would prefer to be outside gardening. I am not much of a gardener but I do enjoy the physical activity and the end results = flowers. We brought this house two and half years ago and have really been anti gardeners in that time eg. we have cut down trees and let plants die. Not that it was our intention to be such brown thumbs but the garden had become reliant on regular/heavy watering, not something we could keep up with water restrictions and me being heavily pregnant. Also the beautiful big trees had been planted too close to the house and boundary for their size. So in that time I have been creating little pockets that were time friendly, low water users and inexpensive = succulants. Now that the boys are older and can "help", we are finally spending more time in the garden together. The aim is to put in alot of native plants t…

Quilting the quilt

Another productive weekend, helped along by attending "all day sewing" on Saturday with my patchwork group. I had not given much time to thinking about what I would work on until Friday night, then it was a case of panic! But because I had finished so much lately I decided to stick to my guns and complete some more pesky UFOs.

This attic windows animal quilt I had previously pinned, started quilting and then got distracted. I have just added this quilt, its mate and my new project (hexagons) into my WIP list, not sure why it wasnt up there already. I had left over window frame pieces from previous attic windows quilts, so this animal verison and another transport top were created.

So on Saturday I/we pinned three table runners (two were mine), one attic windows (transport) cot quilt and one large lap quilt (fellow quilters first quilt). I felt really good about this, but alas no pictures as yet. So fest your eyes on this, "one I prepared earlier"! I am only sorry I…

More completed projects

Because I have been off air for so long I was really scratching my head trying to remember what I had been working on, then I found an old "to do" list and this "homework" was on it!

Which became this! I had been hanging out waiting for this class, with Heather ran for our group. It is called the Quilters Carry Bag and is a pattern by Heather Ford. For those of you in Adelaide, Heather is a local teacher and runs a class for this pattern. Mind you it took most of the day to make, so I was VERY glad I wasn't trying to tackle it on my own at home - and did I mention that we had to do homework before we came to class! Still it was very worthwhile project as I now have a lovely big bag to safely transport my rulers and board as well as for storing them at home.
I went to our Guilds meeting last week, the first time for the year and I think only my third or fourth visit since I joined about two years ago. The kids and sleep previously prevented me venturing out on Thu…

Techno phobia (updated) now overcome!

Apologies that I have been missing in action for two months now. I did intend to blog, despite the digital camera dying, but in the end the idea of a photo less post seemed like a waste of time. Yet here I am! So we do have a very nice new digital camera and in fact a new computer, thanks to DH boss (DH works from home) but what we dont have is a techno savy mother patchwork! So I am patiently waiting for DH to show me how the download connection works, not to mention what to do with the software once I get the photos onto the pc. Very frustrating, particulary as he is happily pruning (green bin day on Monday), cleaning out gutters that overflowed when it rained last week and digging trenches for the new/extended watering system. So while I want him to do the outside jobs, there are some inside ones thats need attention also! Three hours later and a bit of mucking around I think I have overcome my technical issues. Golden rule of thumb I will now being living by; READ THE INSTRUCTIONS…