Christmas Cheer

I have been busy this week making edible and
 non edible gifts for the staff at DS1 kinder or kindy as they like to call it here in South Australia!
 I was lucky enough to win a bundle of fat quarters from Michelle Hill's new fabric range at the Quilters guild December meeting.  It is sitting under the tree, so I can fool myself that Michelle personally delivered it just for me!  That and the fact that I am scared that by letting it into my sewing room I will be tempted to start something new!  I am staying away from my books until after NYE, then I wont feel so guilty about the UFO's I didnt complete this year.
 These are some pictures of a new project that I did sneak in this year.  About a month ago I was wondering about how was I going to find the time to finish TWO The Aussie Santa Sacks by Millamac that I had started.  However thanks to Erolyn, Stacy, Elaine and Jane I got the last pieces cut out and fused onto the background fabric.  Then I persisted and using my fabulous "new" machine finally got to use the blanket stitch, to sew down all the animals.

It didnt take as long as I thought, even though I had to stop and change thread colours regularly.  I am really happy with the end result and even enjoyed stippling the background.  DS1 was slightly interested in his santa sack (previously had a quilted stocking made by me) but DS2 was not interested at all.  However they are both eagerly anticipating the big car trip so we can spend Christmas with my family - yep the car trip!  I am positive the prospect of seeing grandparents (both sets) is also high on their agenda, but Santa is running a very poor THIRD on their priority list!  Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Wow you have been busy. Congratulations on your fabric win. You must have been so excited. A win is so exciting isn't it. The santa sacks look fabulous. What great heirlooms.

  2. Your Santa sacks are lovely. I love Millimac patterns I have done a couple they are such fun to do.............. don't you love the expressions on the animals faces.

  3. Hi Sue

    Lovely to hear form you and I just love your Santa sacks. Will watch this space with interest, you certainly get lots of lovely projects finished.


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