Red is best

Our new doona cover.Collection of cushions and dolls.

Our new curtains
Are you getting the picture? Yes I have decorated our bedroom in red! Thats without the drastic step of painting the walls, but trust me with red curtains on floor to cathedral ceiling windows, I dont need red walls!
Happy quilting Sue SA !


  1. I can see why you are leaning towards red for the stars quilt, red blog, red bedroom, obviously this is your fav colour! LOL Love the doona cover!

  2. Love the doona cover! I see you have 'redded' up your blog too.

  3. I bet the bedroom looks stunning.

  4. I am glad you like the doona cover because DH still hasnt made comment! Oh and the best thing about the doona cover was the price, it was in the bargin bin AND the nice lady rang their WA store to confirm that they had and would post the matching pillow cases. I just love a bargin! And yes my new look bedroom prompted my blogs new colour scheme, but I am still trying to figure out how to personalise the header with pictures.


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