Tennis quilt, love all

Mild level of panic when hubby announces that DS2 snuggle quilt for the couch is too small and bit young for him.  DS2 is turning 12 in June and I really panic when I realise that I have NEVER made him a bed size quilt.  In fact his snuggle couch quilt was made by his grandmother. Luckily hubby was straight to the point, he likes tennis so can you make him a tennis themed quilt!
Phew, now I have a idea for a quick quilt and the not so local quilt shop, I have discovered has great novelty fabric range, so after a little bit of googling and some messaging and a parcel of tennis themed fabric is on its way.  In the meantime I drafted a pattern (stuffed up maths) and when fabric arrived I started cutting and sewing. 
Opps.  Stuffed up the math, sort by one 8.5" square :( 
In the meantime I got a full time job!  But as I am now working a 30 minute drive from the "local" patchwork shop (instead of a 1.5 hr drive), she arranged to have her daughter deliver my extra fabric on her way to work so I didn't need to pay postage, sounded like a good idea.  Except it took all week to arrive and when I did get the message I had to pick it up at the butchers!  LOL it was bad enough having to tell my new employer that I was expecting a private parcel to be delivered to work, then I had to ask where the butcher was located in town, but he didn't seem fazed about being a fabric parcel drop off/pick up point!

So this was the result, two rows of tennis rackets, one row of tennis balls and one of grass fabric (because he plays on lawn) combined with a dark blue, two light blue and a row of orange.  I got all the fabric from the Little Desert Patchwork shop except the orange.  I purchased a red fabric but it was the wrong shade when it arrived and in such large pieces it looked terrible.  Luckily Spotlight had the orange which as the same tone on tone print as the bright blue so it was meant to be! 
Then even more luckily my dear friend Vicki, kindly long arm quilted it within two days as she likes to do an all over pattern between custom quilt jobs.  I didn't put the binding on, just trimmed it and gifted it for this 12th birthday.  He was happy enough....just took me another month to get the binding sewn on, but its done now!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. That looks fantastic Sue, and so appropriate for a tennis player. Glad you were able to sort the fabrics, Fleur certainly has a lot of unique fabrics.

  2. What a great story to go along with your son's birthday quilt


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