Carolina chain finished

Carolina Chain quilt finished!  Pattern by Bonnie Hunter in her book Addicted to Scraps.  Made initially as leaders and enders blocks, then pieced specifically to try and get the top to a decent size.  
Quilted by me, using straight lines through the block centres and stitch in the ditch.  This is the second version of this pattern I have made and includes all the murky and country toned prints and cream to tan background prints - the first version had white clear based backgrounds and bright fabrics.  Another version is underway!  I find that working full time doesn't leave me with enough metal energy to sew anything difficult and this pattern just fills the need to mindlessly sew - not had to unpick once, its that easy!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. This pattern may be mindless sewing to you, but it makes a great looking quilt! Love the "murky, country toned prints of this version. :)

  2. Looks great! Mindless piecing is very therapeutic.

  3. so effective. Well done on a beautiful finished quilt


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