Warrnambool 4 patch flimsy finishes

I finally got a border on this kids charity quilt.  Lots of colours would work, but I just felt Orange rarely gets centre stage and needed a chance to shine! ; )
The blue I brought to border this very blue quilt came from a quilt shop.  It felt stiff but I figured a good wash would fix that, so I washed it and it still felt like cardboard. :(  
I pieced all the Vivid Grid blocks into a top but decided this was a good size as is (using guidelines from Very Snuggly quilts) and the upper limit of size I like to quilt myself (approx 50 "square).  I am happy with this top, but dont love the cream background.  Wish I had thought to make a blue background with red and yellow crosses...next time! This is fast becoming a favorite pattern.
I have been making the backings for all three quilt tops (that I made on retreat), using a great fish print I brought from Spotlight when we were at Warrnambool - it was such a bargain I brought the rest of the bolt.  Because all three quilts just needed 10" extra added to the width of the fish fabric, I used the crunchy blue as the side strip on the back.  That got rid of it and I made a promise to myself to never buy fabric that feels remotely hard again!  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Very nice...as you've said sometime I think,simple patterns can really shine with the fabrics choice and quilting, etc.

  2. The blue quilt may be stiff, but it really is pretty. I think the orange binding is just fine on the first one too. I actually like the cream backing for your last top. Now its time to get to quilting! ---"Love"

  3. Very productive!

    You can always make another version of the Vivid Grid in different colours... I think it looks great, but it would be good with a blue background too.

  4. You are on a roll. Don't know why that fabric stayed so stiff even after washing. Interesting. , but I'd stay from it too. Did it bleed as well?


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