Sea Glass finished

Ta da!  Made from fabrics purchased at Periwinkle Patchwork, pattern is called Sea Glass from a book called Mini Wonderful Curves by Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful - who make the mini curve ruler.
On display in my backyard while the sun was shining and the wind blowing.  Its winter so I cannot complain, just grateful for the rain!
I FM quilted this myself with three long swirls to cover each clamshell, in matching thread.  This pattern was suggested to me as it looks good if you don't manage to quilt back over the stitching line exactly it still looks good.....which was a great idea as my FMQ is still a WIP!
Bound in a grey Cotton and Steel fabric, I am very pleased with this finish. Its is to be gifted to a friend who needs a quilty hug. 
Super pleased our gazebo now has a roof but still waiting on the electrician to put in lights and plumber to hook up to the storm water.  Hubby is going to attach wood slats to the west end and around each side to semi enclose from the weather.  That process has commenced (varnishing wood) but paid work has to take priority at the minute.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your clamshells look great! They would have fitted in at the clamshell challenge at the Vic Quilters Showcase.

    Your swirls work well - I like their individuality. I like quilting with a bit of personality.

    The gazebo is looking good, too!

    And congratulations again for yesterday, even though you haven't mentioned it here.

  2. Great pick for the machine quilting. It's a fun pattern and looks so playful in your yard.

  3. Its fabulous.... I now have the mini ruler and the book on my wish list!! love the fabrics and your quilting is perfect for it...

  4. That's a very interesting quilt, and very pretty too! Your quilting looks great to me; wish I could FM that well! ---"Love"


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