Sewing slowly

This is a bad photo of the cute little sewing box that Judy sent me, as part of my prize.  and another of it open with two fat quarters, a sewing kit, tape measure, eye glasses case (with sewing theme), needle book (to attach to your machine), notebook and a missing block of Lindt chocolate....hmmm wonder where that went!

I spent a lovely day hand stitching with friends last weekend and this is Lisa's show and tell, her finished Temecula flying geese quilt.  I am really annoyed at myself, I have only made approximately 12 geese and shoved them in a box somewhere!  But the beauty is the inspiration I need....the fabrics are so beautiful....I might need to add some to my stash!  

The only real sewing I have done is a whole lot of zip pouches, with Aussie themed fabric, mainly a Kookaburra and koala print with gum flowers on it, I brought recently at Maldon.  
The yellow and green prints have maps of Australia and the yellow pouch is lined with a green print that is a Aussie native leaf print...I forget the name right now, but it is silver in colour and florists use it as filler. 
I have also made a some shoe bags and drawstring bag (sorry forgot to take photos they have already been gifted) all gifts for the trip we are taking for a family wedding.  
I really think I need one of these pouches for myself....hoping that I can squeeze in some sewing time today!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I've decided there is no such thing as little sewing. Everything takes time and creative juices! Love your zippered bags. Using the Australian fabrics makes them extra special.

  2. The flying geese quilt is very attractive. Hope you find your 12 somewhere!

    Love that koala print - wish I'd noticed that when I was in Maldon.


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