Bag crazy

I went a little nuts in the 24 hours before leaving on our holiday, making some last minute gifts with Aussie themed fabric.  This bag has pictures of Melbourne (capital of Victoria, Australia) and the bag below has names of Australian cities.  I recently brought the Melbourne fabric in Spotlight, it is a linen, other fabric was from my stash.    
I got this free pattern from DIY Tutorial Ideas, 
 but there was another link to a Japanese (I think) website Ssu's Daily Page, who I am assuming is the original creator.  
There was no internal pockets on the original pattern, but when I cut the width of the bag, there was a prefect pocket sized piece left over, which I just couldn't resist using. 

So being Japanese the original instructions are in centimeters not inches, however it wasn't hard to figure out sizes with the help of my tape measure.  I will definitely be making more bags using this pattern in the future, so quick and easy and finish at a great size.  Plus I really like being able to make the bottom section a different colour.  
I had been thinking about buying a new toiletries bag.  But in the end I found the time to make myself one from the same free pattern by Noodle Head - that I used to make the Aussie themed ones I was taking as gifts.
I found this cute yellow cherry print fabric in my stash and I only had a white zip on hand that was the correct size, so that forced me to finally use, this much loved print!
But when I put my basic toiletries (I brought special travel sized shampoo)  into the cherry bag that was all that fitted!  
Back to Noodle Head blog to look at her other free patterns, oh yes there is a great picture for a boxy pouch, that looks perfect.  Click on the link  and end up at Pink Stitches blog, this is her free pattern!
So this is a great sized pouch, and I love the shape AND the handle!!  Awesome.  Except in my hurry I didn't read the instructions properly and quilted the exterior and inner fabric to the wadding, instead of just the exterior.  So I had to sew little binding strips to cover the ugly raw seams.  OK for me, luckily it wasn't planned as a gift!
Love this pattern also, easy to follow and results are great.  Going to make it again, when I get home and get time to shop for more zips!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. You have been a bag making machine. They all look great!
    I used to make tote bags a lot as gifts in another lifetime, but I have never attempted a zippered bag. That boxy one looks very handy!

  2. Fantastic bags. You made all shapes and sizes. I saw your photo on IG. It looked like the wedding was fun.

  3. Hope you are enjoying your trip! I might have to try one of those boxy ones, it looks great.


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