Binding done, tick, what’s next?

This is the Monkey cot quilt, just large squares that were gifted to me, joined together and stippled.  The binding is a a very old print, but perfect for this simple but fun quilt.
The digger panel cot quilt all finished with the binding stitched down. 
And just to make sure I had really earned that callous in my finger, I stitched on a few bird wings.

It is fair to say that currently I am spending more time focusing on my day job and family responsibilities and less at sewing. Hopefully I can carve out some additional sewing time in March.

Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Love those prints you bought,a pretty colour way. Also love your bag and your bird here in this post.

  2. Well done I got one finished yesterday also.......

  3. A quilter's callus shows you have been busy. Simple and sweet cot quilts.

  4. Sometimes sewing just has to take a back seat, but you seem pretty productive for someone without much time for sewing!

  5. Very productive for someone focused on things other than sewing!
    If I had done all of that hand stitching, not only would there be a callus, but probably multiple finger pricks as well. :)

  6. Love the fabric for the bird wing, and I also think you get an amazing amount finished in between a job and family.

  7. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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