Second Spring table runner finish

I have been working on this Norma Whaley table runner "Spring Blooms" for two years, so it was great to finally be quilting it.  I had picked this pattern specifically because it was the right size to protect the top of the cabinet that our television sits on.
So I wanted to quilt it fairly heavily.  Hence little stipple in the centre, also helps to make the peels "pop".  
Then outlined the applique, quilted the applique design in the gaps and some larger stipple in the borders.
Nearly finished. Just got to decide if I am going to attempt some quilting in the green border or not? A attach the binding....just waiting on a fabric package in the mail :)
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Very pretty! Your applique and your quilting both are beautiful! ---"Love"

  2. What a lovely table runner, Sue. Have a great week, my friend.

  3. Really nice.
    I might be inclined to quilt a wavy line in the border, or the orange peel shape repeated down the row.
    But if you aren't quilting in any of the other green spaces, you could probably go without.

  4. Very pretty! Your applique and your quilting both are beautiful! ---"Love"


  5. Janet had some good suggestions. I would get the green border. The runner is lovely,

  6. Looks great Sue, another almost finished. I would just do some straight lines down through the green as a contrast to all the busy quilting.

  7. I love your table runner and your applique work!

  8. I love your Vivid Grid blocks. I just finished my Vivid Grid top and am getting ready to quilt. You have so many fun projects going. Big fan of the tiny churn dash blocks. Hugs



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