Marvelous Mini Monday ...more tiny blocks

I had been putting off making these 36 patch blocks :(
But decided that the easiest way was to strip piece them.  Worked out fine for the red version of my Marvelous Mini Monday blocks. 
Thought I would try Trip Around the World style in rainbow colours for my scrap version.
But I didnt like it.  So after much procrastinating (and many weeks) I had another attempt.
Which is fine in my book.  
Did an audit of my blocks and worked out what was missing and which ones needed resewing...because I had lost most of the points.  
 Still struggling with the log cabin in red.  Not thrilled with the scrap version but its done.

Final photo of the scrap version of the sampler blocks.
No idea why but the flying geese have given me the most problems.
Still they are all done!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I'm barely keeping up with one version, and you are creating two beauties. I'm cutting off points, too. But I have only remade one block. I guess the others will be pointless. :)
    The rainbow version of the 36 patch looks nice to me. But I love the scrappy ones as well!

  2. All the blocks are very pretty! I rather like the Trip Around the World bright colors. Why not make four of them, and make a little table topper with the? Whatever comes of all those blocks, it will be very nice. ---"Love"

  3. The smaller the blocks the bigger the challenge. You're doing marvelously.

  4. so cute, just what size are these blocks??


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