Kitchen renovation - before (part 2)

I have a spare 10 minutes this morning and keen to get a post in, as it has been so long since I was in blog land.  This is the main area of my kitchen, after the builder ripped all the cabinets out, fixed the floor tiles and plastered the walls where the old wall tiles were.  Please note the big grey "hole" the electrician made on the right...unavoidable he tells me, but my problem and $ to fix....AFTER I have already had the plasterer in! :-(  Dont feel too bad for me, as my wonderful plumber has some great contacts!
As you can see they didn't remove the old orange wall tiles like I had hoped.  In this section I will have a pantry, office nook and a appliance cupboard.  The wooden cupboard above goes to the highest point of the ceiling (we have raked or cathedral ceilings) and is great storage space - it also runs almost the length of the house! Hence it is staying, besides they don't do cupboards to the ceiling any more, so why pull it out?  You would be surprised how many people have asked me if we are keeping it though!
**readers think...hoarders space galore!  Well that's what they should have put in the real estate ad!**
This is where my new bench will be, housing the sink, dishwasher and built in bin.  I am excited about two "girl gadgets", the built in bin and my new pantry...which has a light that comes on automatically when you open the door! :-)  And yes I have lots of doors in my house, these two both go outside, but there use to be a wall between them (way before we brought the house) when the kitchen, dining and family room were three small separate rooms.  I am so glad we didn't have to do that reno!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Wow! Can't wait to see more as it progresses!

  2. Wow your ceiling are high. I remember renovating our kitchen. The camping part while it was ripped out was exciting for about 10 minutes. It will be nice when you are finished.

  3. Good old plumbers are in the know...gotta love 'em!! I know I do;-)
    Wow you've got really high ceilings, I first thought they were overhead cupboards til I kept reading!
    I'd definitely keep them too!!

  4. What a blank canvas! Hope your kitchen turns out exactly as you want it. I guess the new kitchen will keep you from your sewing machine for a while as you try everything out. But I hope its not too long.


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