Kitchen - before (part 1)

This is my kitchen...before!  I was going to clean up before I took "before" shots, but I ran out of time and care factor.  Please note that my DH took all the doors off so he could remove the handles and magnetic catches.  One of the firms who quoted to us (but we didn't accept), they listed the cost of new door handles as a separate amount, an amount that was frightening and slightly obscene.  DH hasn't been able to tell me what he is going to do with the old handles and catches, but who am I to call an hoarder when I have five boxes of scrap fabric!

In this shot you can see the special door less shelf I kept my chopping boards and trays in...I liked this so much I got another one in the new kitchen, but with a door.

You can see part of the old range hood here.  It was simply enormous and despite being hidden behind cupboards was grotty, just disgusting!  We have cathedral ceilings, so while I had lots of cupboards, most of them were too high to use and the other half housed the dirty big rangehood.
These are the cupboards I used for my food, I am getting a big pantry and cannot wait!  Also looking forward to never seeing these orange tiles again, although everyone else seems to think they are "trendy", "nice" and "back in fashion".  DH removed this cupboard himself, it now resides in his shed.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the after pics. I love the orange tiles too ( I always love orange)...but it will be nice for you to have a change!

  2. You won't know yourself Sue!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  3. Bring on the new kitchen! What is the first thing you are going to cook in your new kitchen? A family favourite?

  4. Waiting eagerly to see the finished product.


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