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Luck of the Irish progress

 These were the rows that I had previously pieced, when I originally started working on my Luck of the Irish quilt.  But as you can see it doesn't look right?

But once I turned the page in the book and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS I realised where the mistakes were and unpicked them.  I started piecing the units into 9 x 9 blocks and little by little it grew into this;
So you can see the pattern properly now.  I just have to work out the right size, because following the original pattern it was too narrow for a double bed, let alone a queen size bed.  I just have to be mindful that I only have a small amount of the background cream fabric left.  I think I will make enough blocks to make it wider by one (instead of two as pictured here) and see how that looks. 
I had an idea for a cream border (different cream to the one in short supply) followed by a pieced border and then a plain border - possibly a green floral, not the one displayed, would like something with more colour in it,  what …

Distraction = multi tasking

Did I ever tell you that I am easily distracted when it comes to Patchwork?  Hmm, well I am one of "those" patchworkers that has multiple projects on the go...but normally half are in the cupboard and not being worked on.  But because I have reduced my UFO list by so many, now the remaining projects are easier to find! 
Since Easter I have managed to work a little bit on quite a few projects;
i) my knitting (needs a final detail constructed before all can be revealed)
ii)  the Eastwood wedding quilt (quilting still in progress)
iii) Celtic quilt (still appliqueing)
iv)  Animal I Spy with blue sashing - now to be named Katrina's quilt (hand stitching binding down) AND
v) Luck of the Irish quilt (piecing unit into blocks) - makes me sound like housing developer!!
So I am just going to give you a sneak peak of the Luck of the Irish, because you haven't seen it before...
 This is the box I rediscovered in my cupboard.  Under this pile of nine patches were lots and lots …