Sewing frenzy

I made this needle case on a whim about two weeks ago.  I brought this book early in the year (or was it last year?) and was desperate to finally make something out of it.  Since then I haven't done much sewing, so this weekend I went mad and just started sewing....I don't accept long absences from my sewing machine very well!
This cot sized quilt top is what I made on Saturday.  The fabrics are all out of my stash...they had to be, DH was out Christmas shopping and both my boys now refuse to come into the fabric shop...besides together their behaviour doesn't make for relaxed auditioning of always ends in hasty purchases that can be regretted.  I then needed more fabric to continue (I only had left over fat quarters in these colours), so managed to purchase necessary yardage today (well it was on sale!) to start the next step. However I really wanted to wash and dry the new fabric, so I had to put this new project aside.

That prompted me to finally finish the boys version of the cot quilts I had been making...there was only two corners of binding to be hand sewn down and a label attached, its been like that for a few weeks! 

And then this project - Alphabet Sampler, only required a hanging sleeve...why do those simple jobs take so long to get around to?  This wall hanging I designed with DS1, he picked out the shapes and colours he wanted in the corners.  You probably cannot see very well from the picture but I quilted each letter of the alphabet into each square, depicting that letter.  It was very hard to find J and X fabric...J = jeep but it is a black print on blue background so not easy to pick.  I was more then happy to cheat with X after I found this skeleton fabric, I figured that would do for X-ray...I was never going to find a better substitute!  I am not hugely proud of this wall hanging it got made in a hurry and the quilting is very poor.  However the boys don't care and I suspect its "life" will be short, as they will grow out of it in a few years, so I figured finish it now, while they can enjoy it...not a time to take up hand quilting!

I cannot find the photo of the pot holders I made (quite some time back) so I had to take a new shot, which doesn't do them justice.  Downloading the pictures for this post took two days, so I will wait to see if my internet speed improves and try to squeeze in one last post before Christmas/New Year...I am nearly at 100 posts....trying to think of a way to celebrate??  In the new year I might just have to have my very own give away, stay turned!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. wow you have been busy... three fantastic quilts .... thanks for reminding me... I have that book too and I love her designs...
    Happy Christmas

  2. That book looks fantastic. I have a couple of books here that I am busting to start something new from...1st have to finish off a couple of things! That's always how it goes!

  3. You were motoring! Great stuff! I love how you quilted a letter in each square. Yeah its best not to shop with the boys (big and small).


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