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Here I was feeling very pleased with myself that I had uploaded all the holiday pictures and printed hard copy. And then I realised that all the photos my husband took in China (a week long work trip after our holiday) looked like snow. There were two or three holiday snaps of the boys that were fuzzy, but literally all of DH photos looked like he was there in depths of winter. So looks like we will be going camera shopping and until then it will be picture less blog posts! Given that retail shopping for technology in our house depends on DH input this might take some time. On the upside cameras are alot smaller/lighter and have more pixels then our old model, not to mention cheaper then when we brought the Casio six years ago. I am open to suggestions on what features to get, if anyone is a digital camera expert - we are not very techno focused in our house. Having said that Mr2yrold has worked out how to by pass the child lock on the dishwasher, which is not helping our water saving efforts, as he turns it back on before I can unload it!

However I did work out how to load my photo onto my profile, its only taken me five months, LOL! I cheated and used a photo from our wedding day, which was four and a half years ago, so its a tad out of date. Call me vain, because I did use this photo because I was all professionally tizzed up/looking my best, but mainly because 95% of our photos are now of our children and a further 5% are off my patchwork projects!

Happy quilting, Sue SA.

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  1. My DH just bought a new camera and it is a pain for me teaching him how to use it and up load the photoes, but they do turn out beautiful, so go and get a new one and enjoy it. I plan to stick to my old Olympus as it takes great snaps and I dont need help with it.


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