What happened to March?

What happened to March? Well it disappeared in a flurry of family visits, work trips, serious sewing and kinder commitments! But at least I have some completed projects to show for it! This is the completed I Spy quilt top that I have been making for my son's kinder as a raffle quilt. I took the top with me to Horsham (Victoria) at Easter and asked Vicki Jenkins to quilt it for me on her NEW long arm quilting machine. So I had to rush off to find some backing fabric before the shops shut and then the next day delayed our departure (such is the patience of my husband) long enough to piece the backing. Vicki taught me to rotary cut and quick piece four patches many moons ago when I was a beginner quilter in Horsham. These skills fired up my enthusiasm, because at the time I was hand piecing my first quilt, a sampler. Although I finished the sampler, it was the knowledge that I could QUICKLY cut fabric and piece it that keep me going! Vicki Jenkin has steadily been building on her skills in quilting (with a domestic machine) and applique (needleturn mainly) and is now a multiple award winning quilter, who not only had a quilt accepted at Houston USA last year, but also received an honorable mention for her work. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt, but guess I am going to have to wait until our next trip, as I am definatly not trusting this to the post!
These are the make up purses I made to sell at my stall at the local kinder's market day. Well I finished five (few half made) and you can now be warned that if your having a birthday, thats what your likely to recieve, as I didnt sell one! Mind you I turned a healthy $3 profit from sale of pre loved clothes and toys so was happy to be rid of some baby items and cover the cost of my stall. Of course it was all for a good cause and it looks like the kinder reached their fund raising goal - all proceeds going towards a bike track.

I have also been making some more nappy wallets - they are great baby gifts and we have a few friends expecting. Jude did ask me what the inside looked like, after I showed you Max's wallet. I have put a nappy disposal bag and Huggies disposable change mat in one pocket so you can see that it is a pocket (made from clear tablecloth plastic) ! The wallet easily fits two nappies one side and disposable bags and a packet of wipes (pkt of 40 wipes or a Huggies travel pack) on the other. The magnetic catch is on a long strap, which I designed that way, so that I could put an extra two nappies in the fold (with two already in pocket) so that I could carry four nappies - two in different sizes for my son's. So now on my to do list is finishing writting up the instructions, so I can sell the pattern.
This is a Millamac pattern "How tall are you?", which is an applique height chart/wall hanging. I have not put the measurements in along the side, waiting to see if my friend wants them or she likes it just as is. As you can see I have attached the binding but not hand sewn it down - yet. I completed a three part machine quilting class with Lorraine Cocker in March and this has certainly helped me build some confidence and skills in free motion quilting. However I must admit that I used the walking foot for the straight lines on border and echo quilting in background. This took only took an afternoon to complete (the quilting) so I was delighted, as it has been a cupboard UFO for many years. I had not included it on my blog list because 12 months ago I gave the top to my friend (after she admired the completed one I made my own children) and told her to pay to have someone long arm quilt it for her. However the recent course fired me up to suggest she hand it back and I would finish what I started!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. You sure did manage to get some serious sewing done. Great stuff. My son had lots of fun looking for all the different things on his eye spy quilt.

  2. Great work Sue and I am looking forward to my birthday now! I have been meaning to ask you for ages for a quick lesson on those little bags! perfect for gifts and for make up!
    Thanks for coming to Hannah's party today :)

  3. Hey Sue I found you! Lovely job with all your bits and pieces, you seem to be getting lots done! Since a few weeks before the exhibition I have been itching to start about 100 different projects, and now that we've had the exhibition I have been playing with fabrics, patterns and ideas and having fun with it. Made Indy an Audrey Hepburn type dress today, and started a quilt for my 11 yo nephew!


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