Warm Regards by Kim Diehl flimsy finish

Warm Regards - 60 x 60 " pattern by Kim Diehl.  I have made a few adaptions to the pattern, nothing serious, but appliqued my berries rather then make suffolk puffs.  
Its hard to get a good photo when it takes up most of the space on the lounge room floor.  But I was handing it over to Vicki Jenkin, long arm quilter expert to work her magic.  I am just very lucky that she had a cancellation in her schedule, so there was a rush to get it finished.  It was the push I needed, because other projects are calling me and I was ready to start something new, but did not want this become a UFO.  I have several quilts that are honestly at the stage I need to either throw them out or give them away, but its like that favorite dress you don't fit anymore, because one day I might loose weight / find the motivation to finish that quilt LOL!  Another reason why this quilt is going to the LAQ, because it would never get finished if I was to quilt it!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your quilt turned out gorgeous. The colors are bright and happy. It's going to be striking after its quilted.

  2. It is a beautiful finish! That border is a marvelous finish. This makes me smile--big time!

  3. It is gorgeous! I will look forward to seeing how it is quilted.

  4. Well done, It looks fantastic and will be amazing after Vicki works her magic!


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