Patchwork Camp

 A lovely weekend was spent sewing with friends. 
Some projects just needed a border to finish them.
Others needed a few rows stitched together.
This raggy quilt needed space to be laid out, before stitching it together.

Others grew like Topsy and became a top!
Some projects were kits that had sat in cupboards for a long time
But they really shone once they had the chance! 
Others just quietly grew and 
with some new fabric purchases multiplied some more!  

Lots of individual blocks were stitched by machine, some by hand,  there was dressmaking and even mending...sorry no photos of outfits, couldn't find a willing model ; )
Layer cakes became completed tops.
Lots of laughs, chatting, catching up on old and new news and ever present the hum of sewing machines busy at work.
None of these quilts are mine....I will show you my work in the next post, 
until then happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Spending time with quilting friends is the best motivation. Looks like everyone had a terrific productive time.

  2. You have some incredibly talented friends!

  3. what a lot was done.. there are heaps of beauties there...

  4. Looks like a very productive and fun week end.

  5. Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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