Bound and ready to deliver

Because all the male species in our house were sitting and watching the AFL Grand Final last weekend,  I was free to trim and machine sew on the bindings on two quilts. 
 My finger still has the groove from the last mammoth binding session.  This time I pinned the binding with applique pins as I stitched, thus reducing the strain on my left hand from holding the binding down.  This queen size quilt (Indigo Crossing Twister) is for my BIL and his wife.  Although it looks good on our bed! 
Chevron is so much easier to type, as spell checker doesn't pick it up all the time, hence this cot quilt shall be named Mint Green Cherry Chevrons.  All of the pinks were in my stash and I don't have a reason to keep lots of pink being the mother of two son's.  Hence the cherry fabric, which I have a small collection of and the pink Eiffel tower fabric had to be included.  I love this pattern and now its finished I am eying off the remaining fabrics (plus an extra hot pink I brought) and considering a larger version with a white background.  This quilt is ear marked for a special friend having her first baby in the new year....luckily she has confirmed its a girl!
The Maisy cot quilt finally got a label, enabling me to finish sewing the binding down in the last corner.  I have been back to the quilt shop several times and not found that bolt of groovy colourful stripes, much to my disappointment.  This cot quilt has been a favourite with my 5 year old son since I brought the panel home and so will go to the baby sister of one of his school friends...she is due to make a grand entrance any day now, so lucky I finally finished it!

After all these finishes I really want to start a new project, but I have to be good and sew the QAYG blocks that I helped the Grade 1 children make together.  THEN I am starting something new!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Whoa - great looking quilts Sue! Doesn't it feel good to really FINISH some projects? I need to get busy and do some myself! LOL

  2. Sue those are fantastic quilts... I do think you deserve something new to play with...

  3. Love the first one.

  4. Love your two colour quilt Sue. Im sure your family will love it too.

    The zig zag quilt looks great. Mint and pinks are always a great colour combination- especially for a baby girl.

    The Maisie quilt is an eye catcher for sure- how many times have we bought a fabric then wished we bought a ton more ! If I see that stripe at my local Spotty I’ll grab you some!

    After that amazing finishing effort I think you deserve a new project!

  5. A new project hey. You are very productive that Maisie quilt is lovely. I think that quilt looks great on your bed also, it must be hard to give away.

  6. Beautiful finishes! I have no doubt they will be well loved. The heat certainly has hit early. I hope you are staying cool on those awful days.


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