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These little pot holder friends are only a few of the flock that I started to make some time ago.  I finished them recently, not knowing who would receive them, but their numbers were right and the staff at DS2 Kinder all scored one for Christmas.  Ironically they were red, green and yellow - ideal colours for Christmas!
I also could not resist the lure of the blue and white layer cake - Moda's Indigo Crossing.  This is the start of what I made.  I am further along than this now, but the 3rd issue I have faced with technology has been the loss of software to download photos off my camera...the first being blogger refusing to load pictures (still haven't resolved that issue, just using Picasa and it lets far) and the second was that my PC lost Internet connection....I must have gremlins in the house!
But as you can see I have made good use of Picasa watermark option...when they make it easy I can do it!  Now off see if I have accidentally loaded ALL my families photos on the world wide web or just these two!  Happy quilting Sue SA. PS...I have missed show and tell with you all and lots more to come!

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  1. Gotta love those gremlins...they visit us from time to time! Bet your glad to be back online:-)


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