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Quilts from the Heart

It turns out that I was awarded 4th (hence no prize or certificate) for the Wagga I made (machine quilted by Elaine Kennedy) for the Royal Adelaide Show....:-)!  I only found out when the results were published in the SA Guilds magazine Patches, so I doubled checked on the RAS website...and its true!  This quilt was made for Quilts from the Heart and you can see photos of more completed quilts that I have loaded here on the blog I run for that group. Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Error adjustment

Yesterday on my post I said....."....too bad in we have to shift interstate!" What I meant to say was
"too bad IF we have to shift interstate!"  Oops, what a difference one letter can make!  We do plan to move back to Victoria one day, but I hope not for a long long time.  Thanks for caring though, love Sue.

Mother Patchwork - whats in a name

Dawn from Sweet as Cinnamon is asking people to post about how they came up with the name of their blog.  When I started quilting I tried to convert ALL my friends into patchworkers.  One good friends partner use to say to her "Are you going to the House of Patchwork to see Mother Patchwork?"  So I figured that now I am a mother and still patchworking (12 years last month) it was an OK blog title.  Besides all the good ones were already taken!  Oh and because my name is so common and I never won the friendly argument with DH about NOT changing my surname (when we got married),  I call myself Sue SA as these are the initials of my surnames...and I live in South Australia...too bad in we have to shift interstate!

A quick mother story...tonight while preparing tea the boys were playing Thomas the train and I overheard DS1 tell DS2 that "your train has to take the ladies, ummm Mummies to sewing and then the boys and girls to school"! 

So now you deserve some pictures …

A quilty week

Last weekend was a long one for South Australia and the start of school holidays.  I had decided to go "home" to country Victoria to visit my parents with the children.  We were suppose to stay the whole week but for various reason had to come home early.  Before I left though I got to have a child free catch up with my friend Lisa...and she had made me a present...this gorgeous bag....just because I came to visit, how good is that!   So at first I thought it would make a good shopping bag, but decided it was too cute to mix with my dirty green supermarket bags...and its too nice to only use for groceries!So then I thought...well I stopped thinking actually and just filled it with my current patchwork projects!
 Because we came home early I was able to pick up where I left off, with my version of the Sleepover bag by Melly and Me.  Let me just say up front that the pattern is fine, I did get a bit confused in a couple of spots and because I am a visual person diagrams would h…