Mother Patchwork - whats in a name

Dawn from Sweet as Cinnamon is asking people to post about how they came up with the name of their blog.  When I started quilting I tried to convert ALL my friends into patchworkers.  One good friends partner use to say to her "Are you going to the House of Patchwork to see Mother Patchwork?"  So I figured that now I am a mother and still patchworking (12 years last month) it was an OK blog title.  Besides all the good ones were already taken!  Oh and because my name is so common and I never won the friendly argument with DH about NOT changing my surname (when we got married),  I call myself Sue SA as these are the initials of my surnames...and I live in South Australia...too bad in we have to shift interstate!

A quick mother story...tonight while preparing tea the boys were playing Thomas the train and I overheard DS1 tell DS2 that "your train has to take the ladies, ummm Mummies to sewing and then the boys and girls to school"! 

So now you deserve some pictures of what I managed to achieve today...
 Little Birds a free pattern by Jodie from Ric Rac - a creative genius who makes awesome softies!  I adapted the pattern so they were child friendly eg left off buttons and stitched on beaks.
My first sock softie...lots of hand sewing involved, probably wouldn't make one again as the birds were much quicker.  I do have another pair of socks though and all these cuties are going in my Christmas boxes .  I also worry that my hand sewing wont hold up, but machine stitched wool birds should be fine, plus they fit into the boxes better.   

Better go and see if that train has arrived to pick up the sewing Mummies...perhaps it can deliver me to the kitchen for real mothering work...dinner!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Fabulous name, its so good...I love it too... and I think we all think that others names are great but yyours is too... and Interstate?...oh no... we should do coffee one day befere you glad you have a blog..
    P.s. did you watch the 'Stitched' movie at guild the other night
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  2. love the softies... the sock one may be a lot of work but he looks so nice and cuddly - where are you moving to?

  3. Love your penguins! I like the way you stitched the wings so that they didn't have to be turned - that was a pill when I made mine because my wool was so thick. Inspires me to make a few more!

  4. Your penguins are just gorgeous. They look sweet and soft, and easy for a baby to pick up and cuddle.

  5. Great softies! They look very cuddly. Did your boys have to give them test cuddles? I also prefer to machine stitch because I think it will hold up better. I am hoping to once again participate in the Softies for Mirabel that is being organised by Pip at the Meet Me At Mike's blog. I generally have to make an extra one of whatever I make for a certain boy.


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