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Finally a finish!

I made this nappy wallet as a commission, which I have never done before. The wallet is my own design and the version the lady saw was the original, which I then updated second time around. The new version had a nice (easy) machine written name label, but she wanted the original name version (with her sons name), fine but do you think I could replicate it again! Anyway I hope she likes it, as she hasnt picked it up yet. I did stress about the whole process, was the colour right, was my stitching perfect enough, will it come unpicked, blah blah blah! In the end I was pleased to be finished, so certain that I wont be making my living by selling patchwork!
Pillows for creche Dolls corner, made using excess four patches.

My favorite quilt, I love four patch and one patch combos. And the soft pink and green is nice, restful.

This blows my mind and gave me a headache when I had to quilt it. That orange is crazy on the eyes and I dont know what possessed me to buy it! Still it wa…