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Donated quilts and WIP

I forgot to show you the quilt top that Therese quilted for Heart Kids SA, after the sewing bee.  She gave it to me and I put the label on and handed it in last week, along with my Red Cowboy quilt top.  I  got as far as finishing the sashing and adding a border for another Heart Kids SA top, that didn't get completed at our quilting bee.  I now have some backing and wadding so I can pin and quilt it.....hum, well it is in the sewing room queue to be finished!  I did manage one finish though, a quilt top I made last year (here) with some of my After Dark friends and I managed to pin and quilt last weekend.  Gasp horror, I know, its been sitting in the cupboard for months!  I just didn't have the motivation as I thought it needed a border and the pattern has piano key border, which is one of my favorites.  However all this fabric is from my stash (cut into 10" squares last year in the big stash reduction effort) and I had run out of most of those fabrics. 
 The pattern…

Stitching frenzy - the heat made me do it

Red Cowboy Quilt - binding on....forgot the label, so not quite a finish.  All 9 of the Dresden Plates, completed.  Now just have to find and purchase some background fabric.  Completed the outstanding three Scrappy Trips blocks and wasted  spent an hour or so debating layouts.  In the end I just went with it, the layout possibilities were endless.  I broke a needle on the last Scrappy trips row.  You couldn't do this if you tried...managed to jam the broken needle back into the eye of snapped off point...and you were thinking I had made a miners pick for a mouse? Then sufficiently crazed in the heat that I decided to count my leaders and enders...only cos I had run out of prepared blocks...which was perfectly timed as I had finished all my piecing.  Colour coordinating them was optional, but like I said....the heat was getting to me.. I cut another 33 spool pieces ready to piece...they are in the brown basket ready to go....and as you can see the bag of 1.5" strips is nearl…

Dresden Plates and Sisters

The hot humid weather got the better of me yesterday and I left the house open in the hope we might get a breeze or that much promised rain. A few drops in the morning and that was all. As soon as I closed the house and turned the air conditioner on, my sewing room was the coolest place to be and LOTS of work happened!

In the class I took last weekend I completed ONE Dresden Plate.  But I had cut and made half the wedges for the remaining eight plates.  Yesterday I sat and stitched and ironed as well as cut and turned points until I made SEVEN plates....
 There is one plate left to make - I just need to check that is has sufficient diversity of fabric combinations and then I can finish piecing the plates - they are currently in three sections.  Because the plates are appliqued onto the backgrounds (machine applique is looking good), this could well be the quickest quilt I have ever made!  Hmmm, I still have to buy the background fabric..I am thinking white with a pink spot, but I gu…

New month, new project!

I just read Julia's quip "new month, new project" and liked it so much I pinched it!   The truth is that I booked this workshop a couple of months ago, but I don't need an excuse, as a Dresden Plate Quilt is on my wish list.  OK its suppose to be a red and white Dresden, but this class uses a jelly roll.  So when Moda get their act together and start making red and white Jelly rolls, then I will be in business...and so will they....haven't they seen the amazing response quilters have to red/white and blue/white quilt combos...think they need to employ me as their marketing consultant...I will work for fabric!  Could someone please start an online petition and let Moda know what a great idea I had...wonder if I can patent that?   Just a bit of free advertising for Moda, so they really appreciate my marketing skills.  I might just add I thought this was going to be a pink and purple jelly roll...the quilt is for a teenager.  This is the first jelly roll I have bro…

A very close call

This is the chair I sit in to sew at night.  Its covered in my flannel quilt so that I no longer loose needles down the side of the seat. This is the mess that I produce on the small table next to my seat.  The mess that I search through to find a needle and my unpicker.  This is the needle I found standing upright on the SEAT of chair I sit in.  I have been looking for that needle for three days...I had been sitting on it!!!!!!!  This is my somewhat tidier collection of hand stitching bits.  As you can see I don't have a pin cushion but have resorted to using the flap of my scissor holder.  This is the desired result of all my unpicking and stitching...a nearly completed green "sister".
Got to go, off to find a pincushion pattern, I know I have a cute strawberry one in the cupboard...somewhere!  Linking up with Shay at Quilting in My Pyjamas, my favorite thing this Friday is avoiding a trip to the Women's and Children's Hospital and explanation of why I have a …